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Okay, so what is Aumaan? I stole the name from Zone of the Enders (The Second Runner); it's basically an engine whose purpose is to destroy the universe. I picked the name because 1) it sounds cool, and 2) I'll remember it pretty easily.

Aumaan is my little corner of the universe, so whatever I'm working on usually ends up here in one form or another. It originally started as a place to put my sketches and things, and grew from there.

It eventually grew to encompass some avatars that I used for forums and stuff that wouldn't let me upload to them.

Then I decided that all of our OM (Odyssey of the Mind) pictures needed to be shown, so I added the Photos section. That has come to be a place for just about anything taken with my camera.

Then Holloween came and I dressed up as Solid Snake (from Metal Gear Solid), so that story had to go up...

Then we ('The Cracker Fest') did some stupid stuff, and I had my camera with me...

I also founded the legendary Median Picnic, which is exactly what it sounds like: a picnic on a median in the middle of road (preferably with at least four lanes):

More recently, I started to work on Anime Music Videos, and where better to put them than here?

Then I started working on my second 2D side-scroller, Chaosphere, which originally started as a clone of Axia but diverged way too much.

I also found an old program and its web page from a year or two ago. ImBar is like MultiSP if you've ever seen it. Anyway, just give it a shot. The options window only works on NT systems, however. I'll get around to fixing it up sometime.

And then I got fed up with JQuickTrans, so I wrote a better program. JLookUp is my greatest project yet, and this one has actually continued to a degree of completion.

There's more, but I either don't remember or don't feel like talking about it... ^_^
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